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Mass Effect – Andromeda

Harry Capehorn in Born To Kill

Coronation Street: Marc Baylis Returns!

Rodney P Edwards – Creative Circle Annual 2017

Redd Pepper – ITV The Nightly Show

New Talent: Jules Knight

George Georgiou – The Last Ship

Des McAleer in The Ferryman

Kate Kennedy in Twelfth Night

Voice of the Week: Redd Pepper

Spoonface is now Lego Star Wars Rosser Weno

Kate Fleetwood in Ugly Lies The Bone

Selva Rasalingam in The Mummy

Recently Signed! New Talent!

E! UK Acquires ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Arcadia is out now…

James Alper – It Came From The Desert

David Michaels Cast In ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’

Mark Armstrong in Our Girl

Gary Martin In ‘Prisoner Zero’

Voice of the Week: Harry Capehorn

Gary Martin’s New Showreel

Interview with Redd Pepper

Adele Keating Stars In ‘Karen Carpenter: Goodbye To Love’

Jaye Griffiths Stars In ‘Casualty’

James Alper in ‘Fragments of Him’

Peter Temple Stars In ‘Boy’

Anthony Barclay Stars In ‘The Iphigenia Quartet’

Voice of the Week: Jennifer Ellison

Interview with Kate Fleetwood

Sophia Nomvete Stars in ‘Noises Off’

Sam Pamphilon in ‘Go 8-Bit’

Rudi Dharmlingam Stars In ‘X’

Spotlight On: Ronan Vibert