Voice Profile



Bio: A cartoon and animation specialist, he is the voice of Thomas in 'Thomas & Friends', voiced the character Dodge (the dog) in CBBC's 'Pet Squad', and characters in 'Zorro Generation Z'. Ben's film and TV credits include Robbie in 'Patrick's Planet' (BBC / Night Shift (361 Films) & Town House Productions). Other recent shows include him voicing Romeo in 'Dork Hunters' (CITV / BKN), 'Make Way For Noddy' and 'Xcalibur' (Five). He's also voiced numerous commercials, his clients including 'Sainsbury's', 'Dr Pepper', 'British Army' and many more.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Comedy, Documentary, Actor, Animation, Video Games, Kids TV

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:20-25, Teen, 20 - 35, 18-25


Description: Ben's family background is Canadian and he's used this to his advantage. A large portion of his voiceover work requires him to use his pitch perfect American accent. As a Bristolian, he's also got a great West Country accent, as well as Scottish, Cockney and his native RP deliveries to mention but a few. However, his first and ongoing love really is character voicing. Vastly experienced, highly versatile, Ben is one of the UK's most prolific and sought after voiceover artists - FACT!

Native Voice:British

Accent:American Midwest, Birmingham, London, Neutral, Northern, RP, American, Cockney, Canadian, American Southern States, Glasgow, Standard Scots, Scottish

Style:animated, characterful, cheerful, conversational, friendly, warm, youthful, rich, smooth, down to earth, engaging, expressive, playful, bright

Documentary Style:Comedy, Light Entertainment