Voice Profile



Bio: Experienced and versatile, Gary Martin is a hugely successful voiceover artist. His career spans a staggering 25 years at the top of the voiceover business! His impressive work history includes hundreds of movie trailers, commercials, feature films, animated feature films, television, radio, West End theatre, singing and over 2,500 cartoons! He's the global voice of the animated character 'Captain Aquafresh', his commercial credits include 'Game', 'Purina', 'Sugar Puffs' (the voice of the Honey Monster), 'Mail on Sunday', 'Coca-Cola', 'McDonalds', 'Disney', 'Revlon' etc. His animation feature films include: 'Frankenweenie', 'The Tale of Jack Frost', 'Ultramarines', 'Corpse Bride', 'Fern Gully', 'The Never Ending Story' etc

For showreels, videos and more info please check out Gary's own website: garymartin.co.uk

Experience:Film, Commercial, Promo, Actor, Voiceover, Animation, Video Games, Impressions, Film Trailers, Voice of God, ADR

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:Versatile, 20-60


Description: Gary has a massive vocal range! Attitude, character/animation, deep/rich, husky, seductive/sexy, natural/fresh, quirky/interesting/unique, smooth/soft-sell, upbeat/energy, theatrical. Plus he's a fantastic impressionist and singer!

Native Voice:British

Accent:American Midwest, Home Counties, London, Neutral, RP, American Southern States, Mid Atlantic, Standard American

Style:animated, characterful, energy, friendly, sexy, authoratitive, deep, strong, distinctive, colourful, down to earth, expressive, playful, blokish, husky, soothing, gritty