Voice Profile



Bio: Russ stars in the latest 'Power Rangers' reboot alongside Katee Sackhof. He voiced Rodrik Forrester in 'Game of Thrones' - the video game!. He recently completed filming a mini series about legendary Egyptian ruler King Tutankhamun, 'Tut' will also star Sir Ben Kingsley. He's appeared in many popular TV series including 'Castle', 'The Borgias' and 'Casualty'. He starred in the feature film 'Till Sunset' and soon to be seen in the film 'Residue'. He's also appeared in music videos for Eminem and Britney Spears!

Experience:Documentary, Actor, Video Game, Commercials

Vocal Age Range:30-40


Description: Highly versatile artist working on both sides of the Atlantic with a neutral accent ranging from smokey and sincere to energetic and comedic. A good ear for accents, Russ was born in Scotland. He's just moved back to London after spending a few years living & working in LA.

Native Voice:British, Scottish

Accent:American Midwest, London, Neutral, Northern, RP, Brummie, Mid Atlantic, Scottish

Style:warm, sexy, authoratitive, confident, reassuring, rich, down to earth, blokish

Documentary Style:Light Entertainment, Dramatic, Crime, Conversational