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Harvey Voices

A Voiceover Agency

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Kate Fleetwood – The Wheel of Time

Indra Ove – Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Matthew Brenher-Silent Witness

Ricky Nixon-Emmerdale

George Georgiou in Sex Education Season 2

David Michaels – Treadstone

George Takei – Love Monster

Indra Ove – #WeAreArrested

Abu Salim – Breakthrough Brit BAFTA Nomination

Amelia Tyler – The Occupation – IndieCade 2019

Voice of the Week: Lucy Goldie

Rachel Atkins and Mark Healy feature in GreedFall

John Scougall in The Victim

Voice of the Week: Tom Wells

Voice of the Week: Susan Earl

Abu Salim voices The Bradwell Conspiracy

Ronan Vibert in Carnival Row

Kate Fleetwood narrates Rise of the Nazis

Voice of the Week: Chris Finney

Voice of the Week: Bailey Patrick

Halo TV Series – Kate Kennedy

Legend: Steven Berkoff

Voice of the Week: Russ Bain

Matthew Durkan in The Man in the White Suit

Georgia Mackenzie in Cop Car Workshop

Martine Brown in Warren

Bailey Patrick in Good Omens

Voice of the Week: Indra Ové

Rachel Atkins in Chernobyl

Voice of the Week: John Scougall

Voice of the Week: Mary Stockley

Michael Xavier in Gentleman Jack

David Michaels in Treadstone

Voice of the Week: Sean Teale

Bailey Patrick in London Kills

Kate Fleetwood in Harlots Season 3

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