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Harvey Voices

A Voiceover Agency

Latest News

Kate Fleetwood – Victoria

John Scougall – The Victim

Indra Ové – Richard II

Richard Keep – Maleficent 2

New Talent for 2019

Gary Martin – Best Voiceover Performance

Ryan Early – Almost Never

George Georgiou – Close

Abubakar Salim – Raised By Wolves

Scott Haney – Tim Burton’s Dumbo

Dan Poole – Peterloo

Abu Salim – Informer

Neev Spencer is BACK!

Rachel Atkins – Hilda

New: Richard Keep

Thomas & Friends Go Global…

Redd Pepper – Interview

New: Michael Xavier

Matthew Brenher – Sherlock Gnomes

Kate Fleetwood – Absolute Hell | National Theatre

George Georgiou in Collateral

Jason Maza in 10×10

New: Jay Britton

Marcus Bentley – Voice Of Big Brother

Furiki Wheels – Gary Martin

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

Ryan Early in Knightfall

Our Girl – Series 3

Divinity 2 – Original Sin

George Georgiou – The Last Ship

Gary Martin – BBC Radio 2 Interview

Ronan Vibert – The Snowman

Abubakar Salim – Bayek in Assassins Creed Origins