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Lawrence Russell – First Contact: An Alien Encounter

First Contact: An Alien Encounter is airing tonight, Wednesday 2nd November, 9pm, BBC Two. Lawrence Russell narrates the voices of the Radio Telescope Engineer, Scientist, Conspiracy Theorist, UN Representative and the Newsreader. First Contact: An Alien Encounter is a drama-documentary, telling the gripping story of an encounter with an alien object travelling through the solar system….

Kate Fleetwood – The Elon Musk Show

Kate Fleetwood narrates the BBC three-part documentary, The Elon Musk Show. From 72 Films, the landmark series promises to get to the heart of who Elon Musk really is. Using unseen footage, his inner circle reveal the intimate story of the billionaire’s incredible journey from his roots to world’s richest… and the truth behind this…

George Takei – The Terror: Infamy

George Takei is starring in Ridley Scott’s, The Terror: Infamy. The ten episode horror-drama, is the second instalment of The Terror supernatural anthology series. America, Second World War. Following Pearl Harbour, Japanese-American families are branded enemy-nationals, accused of spying. Rounded up by the FBI, they are incarcerated in internment camps. Yet, another atrocity surrounds them, a…