Voice Profile



Bio: Scottish actor with experience of radio presenting and stand up comedy. Alex's accents cover Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scottish regional. Extensive film and tv experience inc Peter Mullans 'NEDS' ,'The Island', 'World War Z'. Best actor award at the Edinburgh 48hr film festival and about start filming a new Scottish feature film 'Blood's a Rover'

Experience:Theatre, Commercial, Corporate, Comedy, Documentary, Actor

Type:Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:40-45


Description: Fun & relaxed and easy going tone with a mid to deep timbre.

Style:characterful, cheerful, warm, baritone, factual, reassuring, strength, engaging, upbeat, blokish, laid back, rugged, thoughtful, humorous, funny

Native Voice:Scottish

Accent:Aberdeen, Central Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Highlands, Scotland West coast, Standard Scots