Amber Gadd


Bio : Amber is a London based actress and voiceover artist. She is currently in her final year on the BA Acting course at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where she will be playing the lead role in Carol Ann Duffy’s 'Everyman'. Amber is a member of Open Door, through which she was selected to be the voice of Kirsty Capes’ debut audiobook 'Careless'. Following its release, Amber was nominated one of the Best New Voices 2021 by the Publisher’s Association and by the British Book Awards for Fiction Audiobook of 2022, where she was the only newcomer amongst the likes of David Tennant, Andy Serkis and Lesley Manville. She has since recorded Kirsty Capes’ second book ‘Love me, Love Me Not’. Amber has vocally trained with Jane Perry, David Menkin, Kate Saxon and with Connor Neaves for mo-cap.

Experience: Theatre, Voiceover, Drama, Motion Capture, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 16-20



Description : Amber has a naturally engaging and conversational tone. She is versatile, young, contemporary, expressive, bubbling with passion, emotion and humour, already recognised and award-nominated for her vocal talents!

Accent: Southern Welsh, RP, Estuary, MLE, Sussex, Manchester

Native Voice: British

Documentary Style: Dramatic, Conversational, Reality, Lifestyle

Style: conversational, fresh, youthful, engaging, expressive, bright