Andrew Senesie


Bio : Andrew is a London based actor. He is currently making his West End stage debut in the iconic ‘Witness for the Prosecution‘ directed by Lucy Bailey. He also recently featured in the hit series 'Britannia - Season 3' (Sky TV). Recent theatre credits include: 'Excluded' (Intermission Theatre), 'The Lost' - Fresh Direction: Replay Project (Young Vic Theatre), 'Shakespeare Within the Abbey' (Shakespeare's Globe) and 'Country Music' (Omnibus Theatre). His short films credits include: 'Ordo I:X (1:10) - A Musimentary', 'Fomo', and 'Personal Message'. Andrew's voiceover credits include; Narrator for 'Simply Business - Digital Campaign', Narrator for 'The Hand That Helps' and ‘Exploitation’, an Animation by Hocus Pocus Studios.

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Voiceover, Animation, Narration, Film, Radio, TV

Vocal Age Range: 30-40



Description : Andrew’s voice is deep, full of gravitas with a conversational and contemporary tone. He also speaks Krio to a high standard.

Style: engaging, gravitas, gravelly, strong, deep, warm, friendly, conversational

Accent: American-African, African West, American-Standard, Jamaican, African, Cockney, RP, London

Documentary Style: Conversational, Crime, Dramatic, Reality

Native Voice: British