Benedetta Ferraro


Bio : Benedetta has worked as a voiceover artist since 1994, following an expansive career in TV, radio and as a music journalist, interviewing stars from James Brown to David Bowie. Her voiceover career began as the narrator for Channel 4’s cult series ‘Passengers’ and she has continued to voice for leading companies from Warner, CNN, MTV to Amazon, Microsoft and Vodaphone. Her versatility has seen her sing jingles and voice everything from commercials, promos, news, radio drama, narrations to airline announcements, lip-synching, dubbing, video games and animation... for seventeen years she was the voice of Cartoon Network Italy! With her own professional home studio, Benedetta has established herself as one of the leading Italian mother tongue voices in the UK, working in both Italian and English.

Experience: Radio Drama, Lip-synching, Dubbing, E-Learning, News, Audio Book, ADR, International, Journalist, TV Presenter, Kids TV, Commercial, IVRs, Continuity, Animation, Video Game, Voiceover, Presenter, Documentary, Corporate, Promo

Type: International, Singer, Female, Voiceover

Vocal Age Range: 35 - 50, 25-35


Description : Articulate, bright, melodic, smooth velvety tones with a hint of sass and full of charm.. in both her native Italian or English. Versatile vocal range from teens to 50’s. Benedetta can voice a ‘neutral’ international English or turn up the Italian 'il incanto'!

Documentary Style: Educational, Travel, Food & Drink, Conversational, Light Entertainment, Natural History, Informative

Accent: Italian English, Regional Italian, Neutral International English, Italian

Native Voice: Italian

Style: bright, husky, relaxed, smooth, articulate, warm, clear, friendly, conversational, charm