Chris Sansom


Bio : Chris is a British actor, voiceover artist and writer from London. His recent screen credits include , 'Muller Frijj' (Commercial), 'Paddy Power' (Commercial), and 2023 upcoming releases of 'Mr Hyde: The Untold Story' (Feature Film) staring Adam Astill and 'Our Father' (Short Film). Chris's voice credits range from video games to animations staring in 'Medic: Pacific War' (Steam), 'Skate Bums' (Nintendo switch) and 'Twisted Wonderland' (Animation). He always creates short character monologues for social media entertainment.

Experience: Film, Commercial, Voiceover, Video Game, ADR

Type: Voiceover, Male

Vocal Age Range: 25-35



Description : Chris brings a warm and infectious energy to every role he takes on. A great ear for accents and tons of character voices....

Style: positive, youthful, reassuring, upbeat, playful, Inviting, animated, energy, bright, friendly

Accent: New York, American-Standard, Cockney, London, Australian, Neutral, RP, Liverpool, California

Native Voice: British