Dale Meeks


Bio : Best known for his regular role in 'Emmerdale' and was also a series regular on both 'Breezeblock' & 'Byker Grove'. His theatre includes: 'Nude with Violin' for Manchester Royal Exchange and 'Kes' for West Yorkshire Playhouse. He also won Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes with his Blues Brothers. He was the voice of the singing gingerbread man for Morrison's Christmas campaign also starring Ant & Dec.

Type: Male, Actor

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

Experience: Voiceover, Singer, Commercial

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Description : His voice has a smooth, likeable quality with a natural melodic Geordie accent.

Documentary Style: Reality, Informative

Style: characterful, confident, strength, sincerity, matey, blokish, laid back, direct

Native Voice: British

Accent: Geordie, Newcastle