Dave Bethell


Bio : Dave is the voice of E! UK continuity and promo's. He's also the continuity voice for 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, broadcast on E! UK. Dave is also voices UKTV's 'Ty Pennington's Homes for the Brave' and 'The New Reclaimers'. Regular promo's for CNN and Universal Music. Chosen to be an official Tennis Olympic & Paralymic Announcer at the London 2012 games. A huge honour and a dream voiceover job!

Experience: Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, DJ, Presenter, Continuity

Type: Male, Presenter, DJ

Vocal Age Range: 30-35

YouTube Showreels

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Description : Dave's home counties accent, perfectly pitched delivery and ability to 'nail' takes and receive direction well makes him one of the most heard voices in the UK right now.

Native Voice: British

Accent: Home Counties, Neutral

Documentary Style: Informative, Reality

Style: animated, caring, cheeky, energy, friendly, warm, positive, youthful, confident, engaging, natural, outgoing, upbeat, funky, trendy, witty