Voice Profile



Bio: Known for work on both stage & screen. He played P.M. Brian Worsley in BBC 1's 'Hidden' and is well known for his regular parts in 'Heartbeat', 'Coronation Street', 'Family Affairs' and 'As Time Goes By'. Voiceovers include: 'Robinsons', CNBC, Nationwide 'Renault' radio campaign, 'Lucozade', 'House of God' for BBC2, 'Crime Prevention', Morrison in Channel 4’s 'Blygh', Voice of God for UFX - Entrepreneur of the Year.

Experience:Film, Theatre, TV, Commercial

Type:Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:35-45, 40-50


Description: A lovely RP voice with natural authority, warmth and assuredness plus a native Northern lilt when required.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Northern, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Scouse, Leeds, Geordie, Sheffield

Documentary Style:Informative, Natural History, Crime

Style:animated, characterful, conversational, energy, friendly, positive, authoratitive, reassuring, enthusiastic, relaxed, matey, outgoing, expressive, playful, blokish, comedic, lively, humorous