Voice Profile



Bio: Recently Diana has performed in the West End Production of 'Pygmalion' at The Garrick Theatre. Diana's career includes playing iconic Emma Peel in 'The Avengers' to her performance in the film 'The Painted Veil', alongside Edward Norton & Naomi Watts.

Experience:Film, Commercial, Documentary, Animation, Actress, Theatre & TV

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Female

Vocal Age Range:60 plus, 55-60


Description: Diana can bring maturity, warmth and authority to any product or campaign. Her voice is wonderfully velvety and reassuring.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, RP

Documentary Style:Informative, Medical

Style:conversational, emotive, warm, confident, cool, factual, narrative, strong, articulate, chocolatey, expressive, husky, educated, theatrical, velvety, melodic, authoritative