Voice Profile



Bio: With an acting career that spans over 40 years, his is an eclectic CV encompassing ubiquitous bit parts in numerous ITC thriller serials, stints as a quintessential "heavy" in crime dramas of the 1970s, a brush with the Children's Film Foundation, teatime immortality through his role as Tinker in 'Lovejoy' and a smattering of success in international blockbusters.

Experience:Film, TV, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, Actor

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:60 plus, 55-60


Description: Distinct and instantly recognisable, loveable mature voice.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, RP, Standard Welsh

Style:amusing, animated, cheeky, cheerful, friendly, emotive, warm, smiley, reassuring, rich, straight, strength, distinctive, sincerity, natural, expressive, sparkle, depth, laid back, wry, mischevious, witty, gravelly