Ellie Rodz


Bio : Ellie is based in Miami, Florida with her own home studio. She voiced the lead Charlotte Labouff in The Princess & The Frog and won the global Voiceover Contest hosted by Mark Summers Casting and the 529 Club on Clubhouse. Animation & Video Games VO Coaching with Erin Fitzgerald, Los Angeles, Voice Acting & Acting coaching with Tracy Pfau, Los Angeles and Commercial & Promo VO Coaching with Rick Party, Miami.

Experience: Commercial, Musical Theatre, Voiceover, Animation, Singer, Impressions, Cartoon

Type: Voiceover, Female

Vocal Age Range: Child, Teen, 20 - 30


Description : Ellie has an incredible range, from sultry to sweet and slightly husky with a hint of authority. American with hispanic heritage she's fluent in Spanish as well. Plus Ellie is a fantastic singer, she's our pitch perfect, real life Disney Princess! Great for animation, promos and commercials. Dominican, Cuban, Castellano, Argentinian, Mexican.

Style: animated, characterful, cheeky, fresh, youthful, confident, engaging, upbeat, playful, soothing, bright

Accent: French, American, Mexican, American Southern States, Mid Atlantic, Russian, Standard American, New York, Spanish, Latin American, Dominican, Cuban, Castellano, Argentinian

Native Voice: American

Documentary Style: Light Entertainment, Kids