Elsa Ochoa


Bio : Elsa is a Spanish voiceover artist with more than fifteen years of acting and voiceover experience. As an actress she worked for several years under the acclaimed theatre writer Martin Recuerda. With a five-year Degree in Modern Languages and further education in Translation and scriptwriting, she works as a Linguistic Advisor, proof reader and translator. Elsa has extensive voiceover experience in commercials, e-learning, educational programs and books, audio guides, children’s projects, IVRs, video games, ADR and audio description for both TV and Film. Elsa has her own professional home studio and can deliver any genre of voiceover in Spanish or English.

Experience: Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Voiceover, Video Game, IVRs, International, ADR, E-Learning, Educational Programs, Audio Description, Audio Guides, Podcast

Type: Voiceover, Female, International, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 40-60


Description : Articulate, expressive, friendly, rich and smooth with a beautiful, sultry and passionate Spanish lilt. Elsa is versatile voice with a great vocal and character range.

Documentary Style: Informative, Medical, Educational, Nature, History, Natural History, Light Entertainment, Crime, Conversational, Food & Drink, Travel, Lifestyle

Style: characterful, charm, conversational, friendly, confident, rich, articulate, smooth, expressive, Inviting, sultry, Passionate

Accent: Spanish, Spanish English

Native Voice: Spanish