Voice Profile



Bio: American actor living and working in the UK. Recently featured in 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them' and 'Bond 24: Spectre'. Played the lead role in feature film 'The Toymaker', directed by filmmaker Andrew Jones and produced by North Bank Entertainment. TV work includes 'Tyrant' and 'Suspicion.

Experience:Commercial, Actor, Voiceover, Film & TV, ADR

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:35-45, 40-50


Description: Friendly, warm American voice. Relaxed, chatty and conversational. Ranges from energetic to thoughtful in style.

Style:animated, characterful, cheerful, conversational, friendly, warm, confident, relaxed, engaging, witty, bright

Accent:American, Canadian, American Southern States, California, Mid Atlantic, Standard American, New York, American West Coast, American North East

Native Voice:American

Documentary Style:Natural History, Light Entertainment