Ewan Black


Bio : Ewan is a London based actor, originally from Aberdeenshire. He trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he won the Peter O’Toole Award. Ewan is currently performing in Mark Rylance’s 'Dr Semmelweis' at Bristol Old Vic Theatre Royal. He can soon be seen in the new Netflix Original 'Matilda', the 2022 upcoming film. He is also known for his role of Trelaw/Osric in Andy Serkis’ AR Mo-Cap Film of 'The Grinning Man' (Imaginarium Studios). Recent Theatre credits include; 'Signal Fires' (Fuel Theatre/Eden Court), 'The Grinning Man' (Trafalgar Studios), 'A Christmas Carol' and 'Sleeping Beauty' (Bristol Old Vic Theatre Royal) and 'Romeo & Juliet' (Bath Theatre Royal). His voice work includes; Narrator for the Humane Society ‘End the Lockdown for All' campaign, 'Blood at the Bridal Shop' for Radio and as the Poet’s voice for BBC 'Country File', a Robert Burn’s special. Ewan is also a DOP and Director of Bigger Pictures Productions.

Type: Actor, Male, Voiceover

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

Experience: Documentary, Musical Theatre, Voiceover, Motion Capture, Narration, Film, Theatre, Radio



Description : Ewan has a naturally rich, expressive, conversational tone, layered with an engaging charm and warm Scottish lilt.

Style: reassuring, smooth, engaging, natural, expressive, conversational, warm

Native Voice: Scottish

Accent: Standard Welsh, Aberdeen, Highlands, West Country, American-Standard, Yorkshire, Heightened RP, London, Lancashire, Scottish-Standard, RP, American Southern States

Documentary Style: Conversational, Travel, Educational, Nature