Voice Profile



Bio: An experienced voice over artist and performer, François has a rich landscape of work under his spell - from commercials, apps, cartoons and audio books. He is also an engaging journalist and copywriter - English & Brazilian Portuguese - with experience in radio, TV and corporate communication, navigating with expertise through so many skill sets. Nice to have such a Millennials tool-box, isn't it?

Experience:Commercial, Animation, Video Games, Audio Books, ADR, Translation, Narration, copywriting

Vocal Age Range:25-30, 30-40



Description: Born in Brazil and with an International English accent, his rich and commanding. He has a youthful range which gives a charismatic, warm and instantly likeable tone to any campaign - his voice is beautiful.

Style:fresh, friendly, youthful, rich, engaging, playful, soothing

Native Voice:Brazilian Portuguese

Accent:Brazilian Portuguese, International English