Voice Profile



Bio: Gavin's enthusiasm is infectious and his like-ability shines through. Gavin was a regular continuity announcer on ITV2 and can be heard across BBC Asia. He can also be heard on Discovery and Discovery Science. Experienced in presenting and stand-up comedy Gavin is versatile, experienced and great to work with.

Experience:Presenting, Commercial, DJ, Continuity, Stand-Up, Comedian, Children's TV

Type:Male, Presenter, comedian

Vocal Age Range:25-35


Description: Gavin's voice is conversational, energetic and matey. Modern tone with a lilting Essex accent.

Accent:London, Neutral, Essex

Documentary Style:Comic, Informative, Reality

Style:cheerful, conversational, energy, friendly, positive, youthful, confident, credible, relaxed, down to earth, matey, trendy, witty, comedic, lively, comic