Gavin Inskip


Bio : Gavin's enthusiasm is infectious and his like-ability shines through. Best known as the voice of 'Coco The Monkey' from the Coco Pops commercials. The voice of BBC 3 and the Discovery Channel, he was also a regular announcer on C5, BBC 3, ITV2 and can even be heard across BBC Entertainment India. He has extensive experience in television continuity announcing and has voiced commercials, promos and programmes for TV, radio and online for Radio 1, BBC, Sky, Top Gear and Disney to name a few! Gavin is a stand up comedian and live studio warm up artist for the UK's biggest TV programmes - X Factor, Strictly, Bake Off, The Voice, Britains Got Talent, Big Brother.. the list goes on! Gavin is versatile and great to work with!

Experience: Commercial, DJ, Continuity, Stand-Up, Comedian

Type: Male, Presenter, comedian

Vocal Age Range: 25-35


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Description : Gavin's voice is conversational, energetic and matey. Modern tone with a lilting Essex accent.

Style: youthful, lively, comedic, witty, trendy, matey, down to earth, relaxed, credible, confident, positive, friendly, energy, conversational, cheerful

Accent: Essex, London, Neutral

Documentary Style: Reality, Informative, Comic