Voice Profile



Bio: Harry's recent projects include the US network Starz' series 'Outlander', BBC's hugely popular 'Bodyguard' and ITV's drama 'Liar’ which is the latest series from ’Two Brothers Pictures'. He has also appeared in a Channel 4 Drama ‘Born to Kill’ and was part of the cast in 'Melody - The Musical' and 'Rellik' on HBO/ BBC. Harry is a regular choice to voice promo's for the Disney channel and MTV. He voiced the animated caterpillar for the long running 'Payments Council' TV ad campaign. He is an experienced continuity announcer, 'Five USA', 'Pick' and most recently 'Challange' as well as a writer and a TV Soap Award winner for 'Family Affairs'. And he is further known for his role in cult series 'Cavegirl', 'Harry and Cosh'.

Experience:TV, Commercial, Corporate, Video Game, Continuity, Impressions

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:25-35, 30-40


Description: Harry's voice ranges from excitable to cool & laid back. He has a relaxed, fresh, natural, approachable voice, his voice carries depth and experience while retaining a youthful quality. He has a great ear for accents including UK and International.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, RP, Cockney, Southern, Mexican, American-Standard, International English, Regional

Documentary Style:Reality

Style:cheeky, energy, fresh, friendly, warm, positive, youthful, confident, persuasive, sincerity, matey, natural, outgoing, funky, trendy, witty, groovy, thoughtful