Voice Profile



Bio: James is a Sony Award nominated film critic best known for his work on BBC Radio 1 and presenting all-night Oscar programmes. James is a film correspondent for ITV Weekend and on the radio on 5Live's Film Review show. He regularly hosts press conferences and audience Q & A sessions with film-makers and actors, most recently Steven Spielberg, Will Smith and the cast of X-Men at the Cannes Film Festival. James had a cameo role in the horror movie Freakout!.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Presenter, Film Critic

Vocal Age Range:25-35

Type:Presenter, Film Critic


Description: Chatty, vibrant and authoritative, James has a recognisable voice which can add kudos to any campaign.

Native Voice:British


Documentary Style:Informative, Reality, Film

Style:friendly, clear, warm, informative, confident, credible, narrative, persuasive, enthusiastic, engaging, matey, natural, upbeat, blokish, witty