Voice Profile



Bio: Jay is an award-winning voice actor and one of the most prolific video game voices in the UK with over 300 credits to his name in titles such as Total War: Warhammer, Elite Dangerous, FIFA and Divinity Original Sin 2. Recently Jay has joined the cast of the popular video game franchise 'A Bards Tale', in which he'll be playing one of the major characters. Commercially Jay has provided voices for brands such as 'Amazon', 'Ford', 'Intel', 'Star Wars' and 'Lego'. Winner of a Bronze Lion at Cannes and 2 Voice Arts Awards! You can follow Jay on Twitter @VoiceJayBritton

Experience:Commercial, Corporate, Voiceover, Animation, Video Games


Vocal Age Range:Versatile, 25-35


Description: Jay's voice range is wonderfully diverse, hundreds of characters and accents available. Naturally friendly, neutral and bags of energy!

Native Voice:British

Accent:American Midwest, Neutral, RP, American Southern States, Scouse, Standard American, New York, Scottish, Pathe

Documentary Style:Reality, Educational, Light Entertainment, Crime

Style:animated, characterful, cheerful, fresh, friendly, positive, smooth, down to earth, matey, upbeat, bright