Voice Profile



Bio: Whether it is regular commentating on social issues for BBC1 'Breakfast News', appearing on BBC1’s The One Show' or co-presenting 'Loose Women' for ITV1 & 'Toddler Taming', Jenni is always entertaining.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Documentary, Presenter

Type:Voiceover, Female, Presenter

Vocal Age Range:40-45, 35-40, 30-35


Description: Jenni has the most wonderful melodic & creamy voice.

Accent:American Midwest, Neutral, RP, American Southern States, Mid Atlantic

Documentary Style:Comic, Informative, Reality, Medical

Style:conversational, fresh, friendly, creamy, emotive, lilting, warm, sexy, confident, cool, factual, narrative, engaging, delicious, gutsy, educated, velvety, dreamy

Native Voice:American