Jennie McAlpine


Bio : Best known in the Soap 'Coronation Street' as Fiz Brown, Jennie's voice is recognisable and delivered with perfect comic timing. Jennie kick started her career in stand up comedy, winning 'Young Comedian of the Year 1997' at the Comedy Store in London. She's also known for playing Michelle Morley in 'Emmerdale'.

Type: Actress, Voiceover, Actor, Female

Experience: ADR, Celebrity, Commercial, Comedy, Voiceover

Vocal Age Range: 25-35



Description : Jennie's Manchester accent is bubbly, quirky and distinctive with a perfect tone for bright, caring, warm and friendly voiceovers.

Style: warm, youthful, matey, playful, witty, bright, animated, characterful, conversational, charming, friendly

Native Voice: British

Accent: Northern, Manchester

Documentary Style: Reality, Comedy, Light Entertainment