Jennifer Ellison


Bio : Jennifer first came to public attention as Emily Shadwick in 'Brookside'. She has gone onto star in Theatre productions; 'Calendar Girls', 'The Phantom Of The Opera', 'Sleeping Beauty' and starred opposite Sex in the City's Chris Noth in the feature 'Sure Fire Hit'. She also led the British reality television series 'Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison' and was a contestant in 2012's 'Dancing on Ice'!

Type: Actor, Female, Voiceover

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Corporate



Description : Jennifer's voice is familiar, bright and friendly with strong native Liverpudlian accent.

Style: cheerful, dippy, energy, fresh, friendly, lilting, down to earth, engaging, bubbly, matey, characterful, charm, bright

Accent: Scouse, Liverpool

Native Voice: British