Jeremy Nicholas


Bio : Actor, award-winning broadcaster (Sony Gold) and presenter. Over 30 years of VOs with campaigns ranging from Harrod's and classical music CDs to ASDA and Ever-Ready batteries! Jeremy has recorded a wide range of audio books for various labels including the BBC. Recent promo's for Channel 4 and Geordie Shore's Birthday!

Type: Voiceover, Male

Experience: Commercial, Corporate


Description : Distinctive and unmistakable voice with warmth and authority – ideal for upper crust and upmarket roles. Similar to the wonderful, soothing tones of Sir David Attenborough.

Accent: RP, London

Style: strong, charm, articulate, clear, distinctive, warm, sincerity, positive, enthusiastic, authoratitive, relaxed, confident, educated, corporate, calm, descriptive, soothing, factual, low, reassuring

Native Voice: British