Jessica Claire Preddy


Bio : Born to British-American parents, Jessica has worked on both sides of the Atlantic after training at New York University & the Maggie Flanigan Meisner acting conservatory. She has dual citizenship for the US & UK and is based in London with her own home voiceover studio. Jessica’s voiceover experience includes video games like voicing Rose Marigold in Alan Wake 2 & Dead by Daylight, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and 3, Lego Ninjago, King's Bounty 2 and Dragon Raja, plus more work soon to be released (current NDA). She is also a regular audiobook narrator for various publishing houses, with experience spanning multiple genres. Her TV & Film credits include Doctor Who, Outlander, The Laundromat & Greta.

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Corporate, Voiceover, Video Game, Animation, Motion Capture, Audio Book, Narration, Film

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 20 - 30

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Description : Jessica is bidialectal in American and English. She has a naturally bright, youthful voice with a clear, expressive and friendly tone.

Accent: Russian, Swedish, Scandinavian, Eastern European, American West Coast, Trans Atlantic, Heightened RP, American-Standard, Polish, German, California, American Southern States, French, RP

Documentary Style: Lifestyle, Travel, Conversational, Reality

Native Voice: British, American

Style: bright, expressive, youthful, clear, friendly, conversational