Jessica Lee


Bio : Jessica is a London based actor, whose credits include the upcoming TV series 'The Power' (Amazon), 'Disenchanted' (Disney), 'Casualty' (BBC), 'KUT' (short film) and a soon to be revealed series for Disney Plus. She has performed in West End musicals including Les Miserables and The Prince Of Egypt. She also recorded vocals for Obi Mabuse’s tour and for the Grammy nominated album, The Prince of Egypt. Jessica has voiceover experience for video games, including Nexon PD, Wrestler and Prometheus.

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Experience: Musical Theatre, Video Game, Singer, Film, TV

Vocal Age Range: 15-25



Description : Jessica is native British with Korean heritage. She has a naturally youthful, bright voice with an upbeat and engaging tone. A great younger vocal range and singer, Jessica can also voice an authentic Korean English accent and is Korean fluent.

Native Voice: British, Korean

Accent: Neutral, RP, American-Standard, Korean

Style: friendly, youthful, engaging, upbeat, expressive, bright