Voice Profile



Bio: Jimmy trained at RADA. He has focused primarily on new and forward-thinking work in theatre, including work at The Royal Court, the ICA and his own productions. As well as many years of acting and voiceover, he is a singer/songwriter with a growing reputation. He is also a director, specialising in Motion Capture and Voice recording for video games such as Goldeneye007, Dead Space Extraction and Candy Crush Saga.

Experience:TV, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, Actor, Animation, Video Games, Drama, Musician, Director

Type:Actor, Male, Singer, Video Games Director

Vocal Age Range:40-50


Description: His RP read has real warmth and depth. Natural Scots and Brummie accents too. Buckets of characters, accents and voices. Video games in US accents a specialty - Clint Eastwood in particular.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Birmingham, London, Neutral, Northern, RP, Mid Atlantic, Standard Scots, Standard American, West Country, Black Country, American-California, Black Country; American, Californian, Southern US

Style:animated, characterful, conversational, friendly, warm, authoratitive, baritone, confident, cool, descriptive, reassuring, resonant, strength, articulate, chocolatey, matey, natural, expressive, playful, laid back, sinister, wry, ironic, sarcastic, comic, dark, mellow, pathe