Jonathan Kydd


Bio : Jonathan is an actor, writer, filmmaker, musician and revered voiceover artist. Credits include 'Norsemen', 'World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth (Game)', 'Toy Story That Time Forgot (Pixar Short)', 'The Harry Potter Game Series - Multiple Voices including Peeves, Hagrid, Elklings, and Death Eaters', 'Assassin's Creed (Game)', 'Noddy, Toyland Detective (Animation)', 'Mr Bean (30 Seperate Characters)', 'Warren United (Animation) plus hundreds more.

Experience: Animation, TV, Radio, Film, Narration, Podcast, Singer, Audio Book, ADR, Radio Drama, Theatre, Video Game, Documentary, Comedy, Corporate, Promo, Commercial

Vocal Age Range: 50-65, Versatile

Type: Male, Actor, Voiceover

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Description : Wonderfully versatile with years of experience voicing commercials, documentaries, video games and animation series. Brilliant for straight reads, comedy scripts and character voices

Style: Inviting, pathe, playful, expressive, upbeat, matey, engaging, relaxed, friendly, characterful, animated

Documentary Style: Lifestyle, Dramatic, Light Entertainment, Music, Natural History, Sports

Accent: Greek, American-Standard, Belfast, German, Standard Scots, Edinburgh, Russian, Yorkshire, Australian, Cockney, French, London, Birmingham, American Midwest

Native Voice: British