Voice Profile



Bio: Joseph trained at Birmingham School of Acting. An experienced stage and screen actor, he is also the voice of 'The Mechanic' in the award winning Grolsch campaign, The Search for the Perfect Pop. Recent work includes multi award winning films; 'Reflections', 'Crossing that Bridge' and 'Panic'. He is currently filming the series 'Brothers In Suits'.

Experience:Theatre, Commercial, Voiceover, Video Games, Film & TV, ADR

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:25-35


Description: Originally from Sheffield Joseph's tone has a natural Northern lilt to it. His voice ranges from authoratitive to matey, retaining a down to earth, warmth and friendlyness. A good ear for accents his Northern accent can be accentuated or played down for more neutral, even Essex / London reads.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, Northern, Essex

Style:characterful, reassuring, down to earth

Documentary Style:Light Entertainment, Crime