Kay Eluvian


Bio : Trained by the best in Hollywood, she narrates audiobooks and voices male, female and non binary characters in podcasts, games and animation.

Experience: Commercial, Corporate, Voiceover, Animation, ADR, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Female, DJ, Trans Female, Non Binary

Vocal Age Range: 30-40



Description : Kay is a trans-female voice artist with an enormous vocal range and great acting chops and her own high spec home studio. She's versatile, quirky, funny and friendly. Kay's unique voice is unusual, has a big range (it goes over 4 octaves!) and has bags of attitude.

Native Voice: British

Accent: Neutral, Northern, RP, Liverpool, Manchester, Mid Atlantic, Standard American

Documentary Style: Reality, Medical, Natural History, Light Entertainment

Style: animated, cheerful, warm, articulate, distinctive, relaxed, engaging, upbeat, expressive, Inviting