Kay Eluvian


Bio : Trained by the best in Hollywood, she uses her acting skill and insane versatility to create hundreds of characters for audiobooks; brings attitude to commercials and voices male, female & non binary characters in games and animation. SAG-AFTRA.

Experience: Commercial, Corporate, Voiceover, Video Game, Animation, ADR, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Female, DJ, Trans Female, Non Binary

Vocal Age Range: 30-40



Description : Kay is a trans woman with an enormous vocal range. She is a trained actor and has a high spec home studio. She's versatile, quirky, funny and friendly. Kay's unique speaking voice is unusual, not quite a girl or a guy, with bags of playful attitude.

Native Voice: British

Accent: Neutral, Northern, RP, Liverpool, Manchester, Mid Atlantic, Standard American

Documentary Style: Reality, Medical, Natural History, Light Entertainment

Style: animated, cheerful, warm, articulate, distinctive, relaxed, engaging, upbeat, expressive, Inviting