Voice Profile



Bio: Kaylee is a highly successful singer and voiceover artiste originally from Vancouver. Recent work includes 'My Little Pony' and 'Lalaloopsy' (Netflix) as well as commercials and various station promo's.

Type:Voiceover, Singer

Vocal Age Range:Child, Teen, Versatile, 20 - 35

Experience:Voiceover, Animation, Singer


Description: Kaylee's voice is bright, characterful, clear and friendly sounding. Perfect for upbeat, high energy animation reads or soft and sultry reads adding kudos to any campaign. Originally from Canada, Kaylee is experienced and flawless in all American accents.

Style:animated, characterful, fresh, friendly, sexy, youthful, engaging, upbeat, playful, soft, bright

Accent:American, Canadian, Mid Atlantic, Standard American, Northern American

Native Voice:Canadian

Documentary Style:Music, Light Entertainment