Lisa Williamson


Bio : Lisa has worked on numerous commercials here in the UK, America and most recently in Madrid with the director Rory Kennedy. She has also been working on a range of training films for the pharmaceutical market. Lisa’s calming yet re-assuring voice is well suited to narration, radio, audio and is perfect for training and instruction reads. She has also recorded a range of wellbeing audios for many different organisations, different age ranges and for people with learning or physical disabilities.

Experience: Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Documentary, Voiceover, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 40-60



Description : Lisa is a bright, friendly, warm and fun actress to work with, which reflects in her lovely tone of voice. She recently read for author Zetta Thomelin, who described Lisa's voice as offering compassion, empathy, warmth and a sense of hope, whilst also bringing a playful, cheeky and seductive read when needed.

Style: friendly, gentle, clear, girlie, warm, mumsy, sexy, confident, credible, factual, enthusiastic, caring, playful, charm, calm, cheerful, bright

Documentary Style: Conversational, Food & Drink, Lifestyle

Native Voice: British

Accent: London, Neutral, RP