Lisa Williamson


Bio : Lisa has worked on numerous commercials here in the UK, America and most recently in Madrid with the director Rory Kennedy. She has also been working on a range of training films for the pharmaceutical market. Lisa’s calming yet re-assuring voice is well suited to narration, radio, audio and is perfect for training and instruction reads. She has also recorded a range of wellbeing audios for many different organisations, different age ranges and for people with learning or physical disabilities.

Experience: Corporate, Documentary, Voiceover, Audio Book, Commercial, Promo

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 40-60



Description : Lisa is a bright, friendly, warm and fun actress to work with, which reflects in her lovely tone of voice.

Documentary Style: Conversational, Food & Drink, Lifestyle

Style: confident, credible, factual, enthusiastic, playful, charm, soft, cheerful, bright, friendly, gentle, clear, girlie, warm, mumsy, sexy

Native Voice: British

Accent: London, Neutral, RP