Voice Profile



Bio: You may remember Lisa from the original 'Hollyoaks' cast as the character Dawn Cunningham. Lisa regularly shoots TV commercials for the UK and the USA most recently with Pam Thomas and Cronan West. She is currently shooting a range of film workshops with the charity ARRCC which helps members with physical or learning difficulties learn the process of film and editing techniques or build on their knowledge of film/production/acting techniques. Lisa is a qualified hypnotherapist and works with stress and relaxation audio compilations.

Experience:TV, Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Documentary, Actress

Type:Actor, Female

Vocal Age Range:35 - 50


Description: Lisa is a bright, friendly, warm and fun actress to work with which reflects in her lovely tone of voice.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, Neutral, RP

Style:charm, cheerful, friendly, clear, warm, sexy, confident, credible, factual, enthusiastic, playful, soft, bright, gentle, girlie, mumsy