Lorna Haslam


Bio : A highly experienced voiceover artist and script writer, Lorna has worked extensively in continuity for Disney, Living TV, Trouble TV and Bravo 2 and has voiced hundreds of promos for MTV and SKY. Now based in Buenos Aires Lorna's voice is still very much in demand for clients such as MTV and 4Music plus she has the flexibility of her own home studio to work from!

Experience: Documentary, Voiceover, Continuity, Writer, Promo, Corporate

Vocal Age Range: 30-35

Type: Voiceover, Female


Description : Lorna's voice is contemporary, upbeat, cool and confident. Effortlessly energetic, vibrant with a touch of huskiness.

Style: contemporary, warm, confident, credible, engaging, upbeat, playful, husky, soothing, modern, friendly

Native Voice: British

Accent: Neutral

Documentary Style: Reality, Light Entertainment