Luis Soto


Bio : Luis has been a voice actor for many years in a variety of categories. Games such Assassin‘s Creed and Agent 47 in English, Spanish and Hispanic; San Miguel beer TV ad campaign in lightly accented English; his latest audio books, ‘The Bilingual Brain’ and ‘Conquistadors’ in RP English. Luis' dual English, Spanish heritage and French education make him fluent in all and everything in between! From presenting BBC on line’s BAFTA winning interactive Spanish language program Mi Vida Loca in Spanish & English to Gentleman Jack in French and Genius Picasso in accented English to comedy in The Duchess in Australian English & EastEnders in ‘English’ English! Subtle textual understanding added to a wide variety of vocal adaptability are his forte.

Experience: Commercial, ADR, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Male, International

Vocal Age Range: 40-60


Description : Smooth and warm accent.

Accent: Neutral, RP, French, Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Parisian

Style: caring, friendly, authoratitive, reassuring, calm, funny, Uplifting

Native Voice: English, Spanish