Lysette Anthony


Bio : Feature films include Woody Aliens' Husbands and Wives, Mel Brooks' Dracula: Dead & Loving It, Look Who's Talking Now opposite John Travolta & Diane Keaton. Most recent films: We Still Kill The Old Way & it's sequel We Still Steal The Old Way, the no1 British gangster series (Sky Atlantic ).

Vocal Age Range: 35-45, 45-50

Experience: Animation, ADR, Celebrity, Commercial

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Female

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Description : Her voice ranges from smooth, intelligent and seductive to fun and girlie. Classy and effortless RP.

Style: articulate, provocative, outgoing, soft, playful, sultry, seductive, theatrical, caring, classy, cheerful, educated, clear, intimate, informative, light, measured, confident, mischevious, strong, posh

Accent: London, RP, American Midwest

Documentary Style: Informative, Medical

Native Voice: British