Voice Profile



Bio: Recently heard as the narrator in the Eco-Documentary 'Rooftop Rainforest'. A series for SKY 1 by Rival Productions. Campaigns include DFS 'Catwalk' radio & TV.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Documentary, DJ, TV Presenter, Style Icon

Type:Voiceover, Female, Presenter

Vocal Age Range:40-45


Description: Magenta's cool, suave, recognisable voice gives kudos to any product. Alternatively she can be bitchy, sarcastic or waspish.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Home Counties, London, Neutral, French, Australian, Spanish

Documentary Style:Informative, Reality, Medical

Style:amusing, characterful, authoratitive, cool, descriptive, reassuring, strong, articulate, distinctive, natural, husky, seductive, classy, gutsy, concise, intimate, sarcastic