Voice Profile



Bio: Marie-France was born in Paris and now resides in London. She trained at LAMDA . Film and TV credits include work for the BBC, Cinema NX productions, and the ‘week end’ directed by Roger Michell. Theatre credits include Pinter's collage ‘Democracies’ performed in Avignon, ‘Paradise’ at the Arcola theatre and the lead role in ‘Berenice’ by Racine produced by the National Stage of Dunkerque.

Type:Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range:25-30, 18-25

Experience:Voiceover, Actress


Description: A versatile performer Marie is adept at both comedy and drama. Her voice is warm, reassuring, natural and smooth.

Documentary Style:Informative, Conversational

Style:clear, authoratitive, confident, credible, strong, smooth, engaging, upbeat

Native Voice:French