Mark Caven


Bio : Mark is an experienced and versatile character actor in theatre, TV, film and voiceover. He cut his teeth appearing in 7 films for The Comic Strip, and playing 31 characters in the cult, comedy series The Glam Metal Detectives. More recently Mark appears as Noel Coward, in the soon to be released Everything's Going To Be Great, with Brian Cranston and Allison Janney, and voices characters in the mo-cap video game 'Squadron 42'. Mark has just completed playing a mob boss in the black comedy Gotta Guy, for television, and narrating the moving documentary Chain Of Crimes, for the Woman, Life, Freedom, movement.

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Documentary, Video Game, Film Trailers, Movie Trailers

Type: Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range: 40-50

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Description : Canadian actor, versatile and comfortable with American accents and UK RP. A lovely deep, straight read ranging from soothing to rugged and theatrical styles. Home studio available...

Accent: American Southern States, Canadian, California, Mid Atlantic, Standard American, Texan, Trans Atlantic, Pathe, Neutral, RP, American Midwest

Style: articulate, smooth, expressive, playful, intimate, theatrical, strength, lyrical, conversational, energy, friendly, emotive, warm, authoratitive, avuncular, corporate, deep, reassuring, resonant, rich

Native Voice: Canadian

Documentary Style: Educational, Medical, Informative