Mark Healy


Bio : Mark has stacks of experience with video games and is often booked for his versatility and character voices. He's recently finished a long stint at the National Theatre appearing in the award winning 'The White Guard' and 'Blood and Gifts'. Recently on tour in Ayckbourn's 'Seasons Greetings'.

Type: Actor, Male, Director

Experience: Documentary, Video Game, Animation, Commercial

Vocal Age Range: Versatile



Description : His voice ranges from bold, authoritative and strong to elegant and soothing.

Style: rugged, sincerity, educated, smooth, measured, relaxed, down to earth, matey, characterful, outgoing, energy, upbeat, expressive, reassuring, blokish, resonant, depth, strong

Native Voice: British

Accent: London, Neutral, Yorkshire, RP, West Country

Documentary Style: Sports, Natural History, Medical