Matthew Philip Harris


Bio : Consumer and creator of podcasts, huge gamer and repeat listener to The Lord of the Rings on Audible, it's safe to say that Matthew is a fan of audio storytelling. Matthew has worked at Vault Festival, The Arcola, Tristan Bates Theatre, Theatre 503 and more. With commercial voiceover credits with companies such as 'EE' and audio drama credits with 'Big Finish' and '368 Theatre'.

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Comedy, Voiceover, Drama, Radio Drama, Audio Book, Singer, Podcast

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Male, Singer

Vocal Age Range: 12-25



Description : Matthew's voice brings a youthful, upbeat charm, always naturally conversational yet articulate tone. Expressive and enthusiastic, Matthew will delight, from podcast to drama to commercial.. and everything in between!

Native Voice: British

Accent: London, RP, Midlands East, Australian, Yorkshire, American Southern States, New York, West Country, American-Standard, American-California, Scottish-Standard, Estuary English

Documentary Style: Informative, Dramatic, Conversational, Lifestyle

Style: caring, charm, conversational, friendly, positive, youthful, articulate, upbeat, bright