Neev Spencer


Bio : Neev is one of the biggest British female broadcasters in the UK, with her award winning shows on KISS FM UK consistently retaining market leadership. Neev is well known for her down to earth attitude and larger than life personality. From interviewing the likes of pop royalty, actual royalty and Hollywood stars to supporting superstar DJ's on tour, she is an entertainment force to be reckoned with. Neev is one to watch – just wait and see what’s next for this rising star! Follow @neevofficial

Type: Voiceover, Female, DJ, TV Presenter

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

Experience: DJ, Presenter, Voiceover, Continuity, Voice of God

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Description : Effortlessly cool, confident, modern and vibrant. Neev's youthful energy and charm shines through on every voiceover.

Accent: London, Neutral

Documentary Style: Reality, Music, Light Entertainment

Style: energy, friendly, confident, distinctive, matey, upbeat, expressive, playful, bright


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