Oliver James Parkins


Bio : Oliver (he/him) was raised on Kenneth Williams and BBC adaptations of Charles Dickens novels, and it shows. Recently, he received his MFA in acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and before that studied at the University of Toronto. On stage, Oliver has had the immense pleasure of playing characters such as Cassius in ‘Julius Caesar’, the Dauphin in ‘Henry V’, Richard III in ‘Richard III’, and Smaug in ‘The Hobbit’. Voiceover credits include Dorian Gray in ‘The Gray: A Wilde Audio Drama’ and Arleth in ‘The Call of the Flame.’ Oliver recently narrated Some Strange Music Draws Me In by Griffin Hansbury.

Experience: Theatre, Musical Theatre, Voiceover, Radio Drama, Audio Book

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Singer, Trans Male

Vocal Age Range: Teen, 20 - 30, 18-25



Description : A trans-masculine actor and singer with a passion for theatre and silly voices. Bidialectal, Canadian and British with a great ear for accents.

Style: natural, whimsical, playful, engaging, relaxed, distinctive, youthful, friendly, characterful, animated

Accent: French Canadian, Irish Southern, Trans Atlantic, Heightened RP, American-Standard, German, Canadian, Yorkshire, French, RP, Neutral

Native Voice: British