Voice Profile



Bio: Currently touring with in 'The Remains Of The Day', with Niamh Cusack and Stephen Boxer. Born in New Zealand, brought up in Sydney and now based in London, Patrick is a highly versatile actor starring in many TV & Film roles incl Holby City & Monarch of the Glen.

Experience:TV, Commercial, Corporate, Actor

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:40-45, 35-40, 30-35


Description: His voice is warm, friendly, smooth and inviting. Neutral English, RP or New Zealand accents.

Accent:Neutral, RP, New Zealand, Australian

Documentary Style:Informative, Reality

Style:caring, conversational, warm, corporate, credible, straight, smooth, engaging, matey, blokish, thoughtful

Native Voice:Austrailian