Voice Profile



Bio: Played 'Ollie' in 'Hollyoaks’, Trunk in 'Cavegirl' & 'Will’ in CBBC's 'Ugetme’. Paul has played the lead role of 'Newt' in the CBBC series 'Muddle Earth' and also played 'Squirt' in 'Mike the Knight' for HIT. Paul has been acting since he was 8 years old, following an extensive career in youth theatre he landed his first television role. Following "Hollyoaks" Paul presented "Select" for MTV Europe, Channel 5's "The Mag" and "The Max" for Carlton Kids. More recently Paul has presented and created various programmes for NTL Broadband World TV. Voiced continuity on channel Five previously.

Experience:Commercial, Presenter, Actor, Animation, Continuity, Promo's

Vocal Age Range:25-30

Type:Actor, Presenter


Description: Great natural young London voice. Whatever the project, Paul brings it together with his unique brand of energy and enthusiasm.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, Neutral

Documentary Style:Reality

Style:amusing, animated, cheeky, cheerful, conversational, energy, fresh, friendly, clear, warm, positive, youthful, confident, fast, engaging, matey, natural, outgoing, playful, mischevious, trendy, witty, comedic, bright, lively, clever