Peter Corboy


Bio : Peter Corboy, Irish born actor and voiceover artist, now based in London, trained at Trinity College Dublin, graduating with a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies. Peter is currently the voice for the Irish identity of Now TV and Now TV Sport and also for Energia Energy, voicing nationwide commercial campaigns across all digital platforms. He has voiced adverts, promos and corporate projects for brands including Microsoft, Pepsi, Mitsubishi, Pfizer and the Irish Food Board. His TV/Film and Theatre credits include; Fair City (RTÉ), Everything Not Saved (RTÉ/Malaprop), Before Say You Anything (Dublin Fringe Festival/Malaprop), Outlying Islands (Sugarglass Theatre), The Water Orchard (Collapsing Horse) and six productions – most recently 'Much Ado About Nothing', for Dublin multi-award winning, Rough Magic. Peter has his own home studio and is an avid gamer, passionate about all things videogame in the voiceover industry.

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Voiceover, Video Game, Radio, TV

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range: 25-35



Description : A true lilting Irish brogue, Peter's voice is the perfect balance of Dublin smooth, warm, friendly, naturally conversational and clear, concise, nuanced delivery. A sharp ear for tone and inflection, voiceovers wax lyrical about the vocal of this Irish charm!

Documentary Style: Conversational, Nature, Natural History, Light Entertainment, Crime, Food & Drink, Travel, Lifestyle, Reality, Sports

Accent: Cork, Dublin, Donegal, Central Scotland, Glasgow, American-Standard, Scottish-Standard, Irish Southern, English Standard, Irish RP, Irish Northern, RP, American Midwest, Cockney

Native Voice: Irish

Style: warm, caring, characterful, charm, conversational, fresh, friendly, clear, reassuring, smooth, enthusiastic, engaging, natural, expressive, Inviting